6 Reasons Why a Bookworm Should Be A Book Blogger!

Stay up late, read tonsa books, make tonsa friends?


As promised, more about rebranding or starting a new blog!

In the first post of this series I mentioned that the first thing to do is to decide what your focus would be. What would you blog about?

I started a new blog because at Our Familiarium I was blogging about family life [among other things] AND books but I wanted to blog about books, and books only.


But, why should anyone be a book blogger? Because Book Blogging is so much fun! These are SIX reasons why, my fellow bookworm, you should be a book blogger:

  1. You read LOTSA books! I AM A BOOKWORM!, I already do that, you may say, BUT this is what happens when you blog about books:
    • You review books regularly. And when you review books you have to read MORE books.
    • People will give you books. Yup. For free. You have a book blog, you are a special kind of bookworm. You can influence others, so publishers and authors will give you ARCs [Advanced Reader Copies].
  2. You have the perfect excuse to buy, borrow and hoard a ridiculously HUGE amount of books. You’ll be surprised how serious “I AM A BOOK BLOGGER” sounds to other people. Many will be supportive of your new extravagant habits.
  3. Same goes for hoarding other “blogging related” stuff like iPhones, iPads, laptops, flash drives, bookshelves, desks, candles, blankets, mugs, notebooks, journals, pens, and tonsa other stationery. These are things you NEED. For example, you need to make tonsa notes because you need to write tonsa posts. Evidently, YOU NEED ALL THE STATIONERY. And coffee/tea. Tonsa. Because you need to stay awake so you need ALL THE COFFEE/TEA. Because you now have an excuse to…
  4. Be an owl. Stay up all night.You have a many reasons to be nocturnal! You have posts to write, pictures to take, images to crop, link-ups to join, comments to reply, blogs to visit, things to tweet about. The list is endless. People will understand. You ARE super busy. And smart!
  5. You get a LOT smarter and more creative! I AM A BOOKWORM! I am already very nerdy and smart. I believe you! And that’s awesome. Now imagine the skills you’ll get and how much smarter you’ll be when you learn…
    • All about domains, hosting, themes, widgets, plug-ins, graphic design, social media… [DO NOT PANIC. We will talk about ALL of that too!]
    • All about books. Not only what books to read, but EVERYTHING else: genres, topics, authors, publishing houses, Goodreads… All the knowledge in the bookiverse!
    • All about devising Machiavellian plans to afford more books and convinced other bookworms to read the books your loved. I have one hyphenated word for you: GENIUS-MODE!  
  6. You get to make LOTSA friends too! You can make more friends in a couple of week of blogging than in a lifetime! BUT I AM A BOOKWORM. I AM AN INTROVERT! Exactly! If you shudder just to hear the word “socializing”, then blogging is perfect for you! You can meet people from the safety of your home, behind your screen, on your own terms. AND your new friends will be your favorite kinda people: readers and writers!

Can you think of other reasons to be a book blogger? Tell me all about it!

Thank you for visiting!

Daniela Ark

Bookworm, book blogger, writer, collector of stories that matter and passionate about feminism, diversity, and equality.

email: contactme@danielaark.com

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