A Bookworm/Book Blogger Manifesto

NO BOOK LEFT BEHIND! We can do it. We are many. Let’s take a pledge!

Mid January! Hopefully that means you are mid-way your bookworm/book blogger new year checklist and setting up 2018 to be your BEST reading year!

Things that may be on your list…

So, what is next? What about Top Ten bookish goals? But instead of talking about personal bookish goals, since there are so many commonalities among us… What about a global Bookworm/Book Blogger pledge?


  1. Let’s obsess about books, agonize about what to read next, brood about the unread and dream about the ones to be written.
  2. Let’s get and read ALL THE BOOKS. We are MANY. We can do it.  [all of them. All genres. All topics. All authors, All formats.
  3. Let’s buy as many books as we can afford or…
  4. Let’s scheme ways to get ALL THE BOOKS. ARCs, freebies, giveaways… The sky is the limit. Would our love ones would EVER understand we ONLY want books for our birthdays?
  5. Let’s devices ways to hoard more books. Dark matter shelves? Invisible shelves?
  6. Let’s gift the world with bookish art. Let’s create books sculptures and cover compositions and let’s share this art everywhere: Blogs, Twitter, Bookstagram, Pinterest… Everywhere!
  7. Let’s gift, lend and give away books. [Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays… Other gifts are boring  anyway!]
  8. Let’s help create more bookworms. Never enough! Let’s promote books, tell everyone to read books!
  9. Let’s help create more books! Let’s promote authors. So there is always people writing more books. [Especially indie and own-voices authors and those writing diverse books]
  10. Let’s promote stories that matter: #diversity #equality #ownvoices!

What about you? What’s on your New Year list? Would you take this pledge?

Thank you for visiting!

Daniela Ark

Bookworm, book blogger, writer, collector of stories that matter and passionate about feminism, diversity, and equality.

email: contactme@danielaark.com

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