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Book Review: The Fallen Series (Books 1 – 4) by Thomas Sniegoski

Before Angelfall… there was “The Fallen“!

My next review had to be about the series (turned into a TV show) that got me hooked on the Angels & Demons theme.

No warnings here. This book is very appropriate for young audiences,  though people of all ages will appreciate this exciting apocalyptic series. I read the first four books in less than a week (this is a seven book series).

My page-turner check marks go to:✓Writing, ✓Theme, ✓Plot and ✓Worldbuilding.

4.6 stars rating

Book Description

The Fallen quartet, now published for the first time in two action-packed bind-ups, chronicles an epic struggle, where the fate of the world rests on the outcome of one teen’s monumental quest.

Even though the POV is third person, you can easily  relate to Aaron, the main character, and his angst and struggles as he turns eighteen and abruptly learns of his angelic origins, loses his family, is forced to take part of an ancestral battle between good and evil and sets course to rescue his autistic brother, his girlfriend, and to lead an army of teenagers just like him to defeat the Devil! 🙂

Aaron’s origins have it perks though, now he can hear animals including his Labrador dog, Gabriel, one of my favorite characters! The dialogs between them are pretty cool! Most of the characters are well-developed and unique (a vengeful angel addicted to junk food? Sinfully funny!).

Each book can be read as a standalone but the series flows very well from one book to the next. There are no loopholes and every aspect of the very complex plot is addressed.

However, because the plot and – are very complex, the books are lengthy and there are instances where the story gets slow. I skipped a few pages but not many because the pace gets picked up right away. Because of Tom’s amazing imagery and world-building this series would make for an amazing series of movies. I have to go back and re-read them all and finish the series!

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