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Book Review Tour: Sleepless (Narrowdale #1) , by Michael Omer

About the Book

sleeplessSleepless, by Michael Omer 
(Narrowdale #1)
Publication date: January 10th 201
Genres: Paranormal, Thriller, Young Adult

Don’t fall asleep. Don’t dream. Don’t get caught.

At the beginning of her freshman year of high school, Amy can think of nothing worse than moving to the boring, suburban town of Narrowdale. And that’s before she starts having the same nightmare over and over again, waking up every night to a creepy whistle outside her window and being haunted by a mysterious, menacing presence. Getting used to the new school becomes the least of her problems.

As she delves deeper to uncover the truth, she unknowingly edges closer to mortal danger. Terrible events that took place years ago threaten to happen again, but now Amy’s life is on the balance. Unfortunately, the one guy who is supposed to protect her, nineteen year old Peter, doesn’t believe her.

Some things seem to happen only in Narrowdale, where dark secrets hide beneath the surface…

As she confronts the mysteries of Narrowdale, Amy documents her experiences in her blog. The book contains live links to this blog.

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My Review

Great read! It is pure genius! Scary and funny at the same time. Possible? Yes!

My page-turner check marks go to:

✓Writing, ✓Plot and ✓World-building

4.4 stars

Even though the book is written in first person and present tense, which is not my favorite combination, the writing is pretty good and the suspense is well executed. It builds up subtlety but consistently, with an underlying creepiness throughout the entire story that kept me glued to it.

“Noise, huh? That’s a problem. I heard some noise last night.” “Really?” I play innocent “What noise?” “A noise of children looking for things that shouldn’t be found,” he replies heavily. “Did you hear something like that?”

I really liked the setting as well. It was kind of Gothic and atmospheric. I hesitated about the world-building check mark. Have to stop and think What is world- building?

Worldbuilding […]is the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe. The resulting world may be called a constructed world. […] Developing an imaginary setting with coherent qualities such as a history, geography, and ecology is a key task for many science fiction or fantasy writers. Worldbuilding often involves the creation of maps, a backstory, and people for the world. Constructed worlds can enrich the backstory and history of fictional works – Wikipedia

So, does it have to be castles, alien planets and dragons? I would say no. Michael builds this new world of Narrowdale that is strange and just plain creepy. Everything and everyone there is creepy : the mall, the school, the house, the homeless guy, the security guard, the neighbor, the A/C technician with his drill, Amy’s classmates, especially Shane and his camera! Even the scorching heat is creepy! It gives the setting hellish quality.

So, happy to give it the world-building check mark!

This is definitely a plot driven book where the characters are not fully developed but still very likable.

I loved Amy. She reminded me of myself at that age. 🙂

I think Michael did a great job with Amy’s voice. I felt I was inside a real teenager’s mind. Amy is nice and funny but also self-conscious, a bit of a brat, selfish and obnoxious… just as real teenagers are! I’m very impressed because writing from the opposite gender and different age POV is not easy.

The dialogues were fantastic too!!  Real and funny.

This tree is way higher than I thought, and it’s swinging in the wind! I hug it tightly and shut my eyes.

“Isn’t it hard to look inside the house with your eyes shut?”
“No, no, I got this.”
“Cause when I close my eyes, I see mostly darkness.”
“Maybe with you it’s different.”
“Yeah. Just give me a second.”

Looooved the idea of Amy’s blog 🙂 a very original addition, with friends commenting and everything.

I highly recommend this read. Can’t wait for book two. Don’t miss Michael’s interview, August 14th.

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About the Author


My name is Michael Omer, and I’m a writer, journalist and game designer. I wrote and published my first novel when I was sixteen, and figured I’d keep at it. Since then, I have published two more novels, and wrote… who can even count how many? I’m happily married to a woman who keeps pushing me to write more, and have three kids who insist I should stop writing and come play with them. I also have two dogs.

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  1. That world building sounds epic and creepy and right up my alley! Glad you liked it, Daniela! Great review!

  2. It sounds like a very interesting book, and I love how you break down your reviews point by point (writing, world-building, plot, etc.) I’m not sure it’s quite the right book for me – I don’t tend to lean toward “creepy” — but the linked blog is a great idea!

    Thank you again for your warm words on my blogoversary yesterday, and for following me. I”m doing the same – following you on all the sites we both use. Love your Pinterest boards, by the way!
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…Top Ten Hyped Books I Haven’t Read (Yet)My Profile

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