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In the Spotlight [17]: Author Interview – Michael Omer

Welcome to my weekly “In the Spotlight“!  featuring my favorite authors and bloggers. Today I want you to meet Michael Omer author of one of my favorite YA Thrillers: Sleepless. Great read! It is pure genius! Scary and funny at the same time. Possible? Yes!  4.4 stars. This is also on of my favorite author interviews. I love that Michael took the time to give us awesome tips. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂 Michael, thank you for … Keep reading

Book Review Tour: Sleepless (Narrowdale #1) , by Michael Omer

About the Book Sleepless, by Michael Omer  (Narrowdale #1) Publication date: January 10th 201 Genres: Paranormal, Thriller, Young Adult Don’t fall asleep. Don’t dream. Don’t get caught. At the beginning of her freshman year of high school, Amy can think of nothing worse than moving to the boring, suburban town of Narrowdale. And that’s before she starts having the same nightmare over and over again, waking up every night to a creepy whistle outside her window and being haunted by a mysterious, menacing presence. … Keep reading