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In the Spotlight [23]: Blogger Interview – Michelle @ Because Reading is Better than Real Life

Hello kids! Today I’m very happy to feature Michelle from Because Reading is Better than Real Life. You all probably know I have a HUGE weakness for Blog designs. Not only blog designs but anything that is visually pleasing. Art, drawings, landscaping, home décor, websites, book covers. You name it. So, I’m JUST SO IN LOVE with Michelle’s designs! Her blog, her button, her header, her Limabean Designs. Just take a look at the images below and tell me if … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [22]: Blogger Interview – Barbara @ Booker T’s farm

Today I want you to meet Barbara from Booker T’s farm, which is a blog about “Books and Nails and Puppy Dog Tales” 🙂 “A blog about all the loves of my life” Barbara says and I can understand! She is talking about boxers and books! I adore Boxers and books too. Boxers are simply the best dogs ever! Barbara and I are “Horror buddies” 🙂 we met at the Horror Reading Challenge and hit it off immediately because we … Keep reading

In the spotlight [21]: Blogger Interview – Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

Today I’m very happy to have my girl Kristen here! I love her blog with its down to earth, honest, [but still full of niceness] content. AND she likes urban fantasy. AND she supports indie authors. SO she finds the best books ever. AND she writes great reviews. AND SHE WRITES [like in she has a WIP]!!! [I’m still trying to get her to share some of that, soon, soon I hope]. So I probably spend more time reading her blog that mine! … Keep reading

In the spotlight [20]: Blogger Interview: Amy @ A Novel Start

This is one of my favorite Blogger’s interviews! Amy is a super friendly blogger with a very active blog loaded with good authentic content and… she is also a pretty good writer! unbeatable combination! 🙂 This interview was so, so long overdue! [sorry Amy!] I had interviewed Amy back in August, 2015 and then I took a second job and couldn’t blog that much for a while. So without further adieu… Please meet Amy@ a Novel Start! I’m Amy Heaney, I’m 25 from Yorkshire in England. I’m … Keep reading

What a Week [29] – A VERY especial Blogger Interview – Elizabeth @ Thoughts from an Evil Overlord

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. Today I want to share a very especial blogger interview with you: Elizabeth @ Thoughts from an Evil Overlord. Elizabeth was one of the first bloggers to welcome me in the blogosphere. I love her blog. On her blog Elizabeth shared about her living with Hodgkin’s Disease, since 2003. Elizabeth’s last post was back in November 22 “Down & Out“. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any updates and I haven’t been able to leave a … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [12]: Blogger Interview – Krystel @Kookie Krysp Reads

Please meet Krystle, one of the nicest and friendliest bloggers I have met and with the most creative rating system! every time I see it I smile BIG D: When and why did you start book blogging? K: I started a blogging about a year and a half ago, and my reason behind it was all wrong because I did it for the free books. lol The funny thing is, I mainly read books that I pay for now, and … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [8]: Blogger Interview – Mark @Mark Carstairs Considers

I’m just amazed with the universe of different things that Mark reviews! Please meet one of the most prolific bloggers around… Mark, thanks you for agreeing to the interview! D: What made you start blogging? M: That’s not quite as easy a question as you might think. I started out reviewing at Amazon years ago.  Then I migrated to another review site.  When the future of that site was looking questionable (about a year before it did shut down), I … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [6]: Blogger Interview – Ashley @ Nose Graze

It was a pleasure to interview Ashley! I love to play with my blog design (and pretend I know coding), and  Ashley is the WordPress  wizard that created some of the most beautiful blogs out there. That makes me a huge fan! Please meet the blogger,  behind Nose Graze and Book Blogging. Ashley, thanks for agreeing to the interview! D: Can you tell us about your blog’s name? What does “Nose Graze” mean? A: The idea for Nose Graze came from the TV show The O.C. There’s one episode … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [5]: Blogger Interview – Emily @ Confessions of a Bookaholic

This is a very special interview for me. Emily does a great job promoting lesser known authors and bloggers (like me!) and she runs my Goodreads group which I love! 🙂 Please meet Emily! D: Why did you start book blogging? What or who inspired you? E: Ah this is a hard one as I started so very long ago now! Before I started blogging I joined Goodreads. The sense of community was just amazing and I began to get more involved … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [3]: Blogger Interview: Trish @ Between my Lines

Continuing with “Bloggers in the Spotlight” series I’m very pleased to interview Trish @ Between My Lines! Trish is one of my favorite book bloggers. We love the same kind of books and heroines 🙂 . Please meet Trish… Trish thank you for answering my questions! 🙂 D: I looooove your blog header! It is my dream header. Love everything aboutit! the girl reading and drinking coffee, the mixed media, the colors, thefonts, all of it! but… I heard we may see … Keep reading

Tour around the Blogosphere [3]

This is my last post of this series as a standalone post. I will continue featuring my favorite blogs in the blogosphere as part of my “What a Week” post (Sunday Post meme) or as part of the “In the Spotlight” series. Thursday I published the first post of this series: Blogger Interview – Kimberly, Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Don’t miss it! This week I  visited the following bloggers and collected shiny brand new buttons for my Blogosphere page: Kimberly Fay Reads, I subscribed to Kimberly blog about … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [1]: Blogger Interview – Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer

It is a pleasure to start my  new series “In the Spotlight” interviewing Kimberly, @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Before I started this blog, about four weeks ago, I explored the blogosphere looking for good book blogs.  Caffeinated Book Reviewers popped up among the “Top” blogs everywhere I browsed. All these “top” blogs, including Kimberly’s, had a cool design and quality book reviews. However, what set Kimberly’s apart for me was the tons of comments from loyal followers genuinely  interested in Kimberly and her content, followers that visit her blog over and over. Then when I read … Keep reading

Tour around the Blogosphere [2]

I started my tour around the blogosphere about two weeks ago with some of the blogs in Kimberly Caffeinated Book Reviewers’ “Blogs to Stalk” page and the commenters in my “What a Week” posts (participants of the Sunday Post meme). These bloggers recommended other bloggers as next stops in my tour and… there I go! I stop by, browse their pages, read their posts, comment, and grab a button for my Blogosphere page. I’m learning a lot about blogging with these wonderful book bloggers! They work … Keep reading

Tour around the Blogosphere [1]

I spent weeks exploring the Blogosphere before I gathered the courage to start my blog. All I can say is… WOW. There are fantastic blogs out there! These are the bloggers that inspired and encouraged me these last two weeks… Kimberly, Caffeinated Book Reviewer – Kimberly is definitely a leader in the blogosphere. I love Kimberly’s down to earth style and how helpful her page blogger-tips-and-tricks is for new bloggers like me. Caffeinated Blog Reviewers has literally become my landing page. I also used Kimerly’s “Blogs … Keep reading