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Blogging tip: How to write a book review part VII: Oh noooo… a DNF!

I think many book reviewers feel the same way: No one likes to have a “Did Not Finish” (DNF)! There are tons (as in gazillions of tons) of books out there. When a book reviewer decides to read a book there is usually because there was SOMETHING about it. The author, the premise, the blurb even if it was only the cover or because it was the sequel of a fantastic book. Something made that book stand out from the other … Keep reading

Writing tip: Save your Darlings (so you can kill them later)

You have probably heard writers and editors talk about “killing your darlings”, which I think is one of the most difficult steps in the revision process. It means you have to get rid of some elements of your work, [usually what you think are the best, more beautiful, the ones of which you are especially proud] to perfect your writing. In a future post I will be sharing my thoughts about “killing your darlings” but today I want to talk about … Keep reading

Writing tip: 6 places to find inspiration

So you decided you want to be a writer! 🙂 Now you spend countless hours happily writing, you subscribed to writers communities and sites, you stay focused, productive and motivated (well… most of the time at least 🙂 ) …but then… the day comes when… you are like… huh? Empty? No inspiration? It doesn’t seem like that writer’s block you heard about. Not yet. Because you know exactly what you want to write: that crucial scene where your stellar character is going to … Keep reading

Blogging Tip: How to Write a Book Review Part VI: Oh, that Voice!‏

In some of my book reviews and on part IV of this series What is “Good Writing?” I talked about how “good writing” could make me read pretty much anything. The writing is the first thing you notice. Before the settings, the characters, or the story are revealed, there is the writing. But often what keeps readers turning the pages is not only good writing as in good  language, grammar, structure and pacing but the unique way the author chooses to use those elements or what is known as writing style. So you have a book that is well-written … Keep reading

Writing tip: 10 ways to stay motivated

A few weeks ago I shared ways, communities and websites to keep you writing and tips to stay focused and productive. Today I wanted to share ten tips to stay motivated for those times where nothing seem to help, when you are waaaay beyond a simple writer’s block, when you… well…  just don’t want to write! 1. Write about anything. Write about the first thing that comes to your mind. Did you sign up for a writing community? Go to the writing prompts section. Find a song you like, use … Keep reading

Blogging Tip: How to Write a Book Review Part V, What to read next?

On my post What a Week [13] – Confessions of a free eBook hoarder I mentioned I have more eBooks that I would ever be able to read. If you add all the review copies I have, to decide what to read next is almost impossible! But first… how did I pick the books I have? I picked my books because… Of the genre. I’m mostly reading fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian/apocalyptic. The premise (as described in the blurb/synopsis) seemed edgy, taboo, sinful, or provocative. Of whatever otherworldly … Keep reading

Writing Checklist: 6 ways to stay focused and productive

Previously I shared a checklist of things I would have to do if I wanted to be a writer/author. The most important item on the list was, of course, “write, write, write”. But writing is not always easy. So, I shared “20 easy ways to write more”, and 6 Writing Communities and 10 popular websites hoping they would be helpful in keeping you writing. Today I wanted to share another checklist to stay focused and productive. Find your best writing schedule(s) and rhythm(s). … Keep reading

Blogging Tip: How to Write a Book Review Part IV, What is “Good Writing”?

I consider at least five elements when reviewing a book: writing, theme/premise, plot/story arc, characters, and world-building. However, the writing is by far the most important. I have finished books of premises or genres that are not my favorite just because the writing was so enthralling I couldn’t stop reading. But what is “good writing”? After reading many articles by readers, writers and bloggers the consensus seems to be that: “good writing” is “natural writing” “Natural writing” flows easily and … Keep reading

Writing tips: 10 popular websites for writers

Today I wanted to share a checklist of my top ten websites for writers. I hope you check them out and also find them helpful Writers Digest  This site is practically my landing page. I could spend all day on this site! It has everything a writer could ever want or need. Articles, interviews, writers groups, competitions, an online book store, tutorial and webinars.  Some of my favorite features are: Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition Weekly Writing Prompts Guide to Literary … Keep reading

Blogging Tip: How to Write a Book Review Part III, Keeping it constructive

I think all book bloggers face this challenge often: that book that has great elements: writing, story arc, plot,  and characters. It keeps you turning the pages… you finish it… BUT. At the end you are like… hum…. Something didn’t quite clicked. It is my review policy   not to publish bad reviews. I only review books that I liked, with at least 3 stars rating . For me is that book that falls in the grey 3.0-3.5 stars area. You want to give it a … Keep reading

Writing checklist: 6 Writing Communities to check out

On my post Writing checklist: 20 easy ways to write more I listed “Become part of a writers group or community” as one of the ways to write more. Online communities are websites that connect writers with prospective readers and other writers. I tried an online community a few years ago but found it too  chaotic and overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to start! Recently I was thinking that   maybe it was that particular site that wasn’t easy to navigate so I decided to check out some writing … Keep reading

Blogging tip: [4] lessons learned about staying sane II – Blogging effectively

In Four lessons learned about book blogging, PART I: setting goals and limits, prioritizing and staying sane! I talked about how I wanted to limit my blogging time to five hours a week. In order to do that I needed to find  ways to blog more effectively. So far, blogging effectively for me has been about: 1. A reliable platform 2. The right tools 3. Staying organized 4. Multitasking 5. Awesome partners A reliable platform. This includes domain, hosting, and blog design. Domain and hosting. I’m very … Keep reading

Writing tip: 20 easy ways to write more

If you are reading this post you probably like to read! That means it is likely you have covered the first item in the “Writing checklist: So you want to be a writer? An author?”:  “Read, read, read”. Hopefully you are reading many books of the genre you want to write and many books and articles about writing. So what is next in the list? Write, write, write! is next and here is a check list! Set up writing goals Set up a writing schedule to achieve your goals … Keep reading

Blogging tip: [4] lessons learned about staying sane I – Setting goals and limits

It has been twelve weeks since I started blogging. Only twelve weeks! But it feels like a lifetime! I loved it… for the most part. I say this because there were moments when I felt very stressed and thought I couldn’t keep up. But if this is just a hobby for me… why was I getting stressed? Well, firstly it can become much more than a hobby! Blogging can become addicting and demanding. I want to be a good blogger, with a good-looking blog and good … Keep reading