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A Book’s Genesis


Welcome to A Book’s Genesis

A monthly feature about WIPs [Work in Progress]

hosted here at Daniela Ark’s Blog for Readers, Writers and Bloggers

Let’s chat about the challenges of crafting amazing, unique

and unforgettable stories, scenes, characters and worlds!

About the challenges of turning them into words

and those words into sentences, paragraphs, pages and chapters

and those chapters into A BOOK

Let’s chat about the wonders of the creation of a Book

Let’s chat about “A Book’s Genesis”


  1. There are really NO RULES! 🙂
  2. A Book’s Genesis runs from April 1st until December 31st, 2016.
  3. You can sign up all year long. Sign-ups will stay open until December 31st, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.
  4. My post will be up the first Saturday of the month but you can link your posts anytime and as many post as you want.
  5. Every month the link to that month’s Challenge will be added to this page.
  6. If you don’t have a blog (yet!) you can post in Goodreads, Facebook, Tumblr, etc and add the link here as well!
  7. Yes, A Book’s genesis it is about WIPs but you don’t have to have a WIP!
  8. You don’t need to talk about your WIP either [unless you want to! Which, of course, I’d LOVE] 🙂
  9. You can make your posts about other people’s WIPs [as long as it is positive!].
  10. You can go about the suggested topic of the month (below) whatever way you want!
  11. You can suggest topics anytime
  12. Twit using the hashtag #ABooksGenesis so we can all connect

OK, SORRY there are TWO RULES!

  1. Linkback to this blog
  2. Visit others who have linked up and help them advance their WIPs with your wonderful comments 🙂

Grab the button


Suggested Topics


A Book in the making… “A Book’s Genesis

[Sing-up post]

Create a sign-up post (on your blog or GR account) announcing your intention to participate and link up below.

You can introduce your WIP, talk about why are you taking part in A BOOK GENESIS,

what you would be posting about, etc.

To sign up, please link your sign-up post here


In the Beginning… there was AN IDEA . Let there be light: and there was light”

Let’s talk about how your WIP came to be.

Where did the idea to write a book come from?

Did you dream about it like Stephanie Meyer?

Let’s share our Sparks [visit my Spark Catcher for ideas]!

What are the books, movies, songs, characters that have inspired your WIP and why?

Let’s share pictures, videos, anything you want!


“Let’s separated the light from the darkness”

Let’s talk about how our IDEAS became WORDS!

How did you start your novel?  Did you start with a scene? a dialogue?

How you go about it? Are you are plotter or pantser?

Some articles to get you inspired:

The Outline Dilemma—Plotting vs. Pantsing

SOLVED: The Outlining vs. Organic Writing Debate


Let’s confess! Who is the Boss of your WIP? Your characters or you [your plot]?

[Thanks Sharon for the idea]

Are your Characters driving your story?

Is your WIP Plot Driven or Character driven?


Want to suggest topics? GREAT! Leave a comment or email me: contactme@danielaark.com

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  1. Hi Daniela, looks like Book Genesis is going full on! I’ve enjoyed checking out the other writers’ works and processes. Enlightening!

  2. Hi Daniela, wow, Genesis is really getting the notice of others. Great!! Wow, you are one busy girl!

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