Do you have what it takes to tame the TBR beast?

It takes Beheading, Containment, More Beheading and Solitary Confinement!

TBRs [To Be Read Piles] can be totally beastly and terrifying. There all kinds of TBR beasts: fantastic, contemporary, mysterious, thrilling, suspenseful, romantic, mixed-breed, electronic, physical, lurking in a bookshelf, nesting on the night stand, and many more kinds. But of most of them are Hydra:  A serpent-like beast. You cut off one head [book] and two more grow back.

But there is always ways to tame a beast. Because a tamed beast is a beautiful beast, right? You just have to show it some though love.

We are talking about going medieval, though: Beheading, Containment, More Beheading and Solitary Confinement.

Do you have what it takes?

1. Beheading.

Set a goal. For example, to have a TBR that is X times your 2018 reading goals. My Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge Goal is 90 books. I wanted a TBR that was 50% bigger than this goal, so my TBR has to be 135 books. Take a look at each head [book] and ask yourself: DO I PASSIONATELY LOVE THIS BOOK? IF the answer is “no” or even “hummm not sure”. CUT THAT HEAD!.

But remember, You cut off one head and two more grow back! So as soon as you are done beheading you need…

2. Containment, Cages!

Cage your TBR. TBRs cannot grow more heads in captivity. Any kind of cage will do as long as it is small. You can use a notebook, your kindle, or a bookshelf at home. But I would suggest Goodreads shelves. They make excellent cages. You can set cells by genre, your favorite authors, a topic of interest, challenges, etc. For example, these are my Goodreads account:

Cage 1: Pending ARCs

Cage 2: Series to finish

Cage 3: Backlist

Cage 4: DNF I want to finish

Cage 5: 2018 New Releases Cage

Cage 5: Becoming movies in 2018

As you confine the beast in this cages you’ll hear chilling wailing and screams. If you feel like you are about to cave in and let it out, repeat this mantra:

A tamed beast is a beautiful beast. 

3. MORE Beheading!

If for any reason the beast escapes and grows a new head, put it back in its cage and mutilate another head. Frequent mutilation will not only keep your beast docile but healthy. A TBR that is not allowed to grow more heads will sicken and die.

4. Solitary Confinement

And sometimes just isolate the beast. Show it who the boss is and read WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO READ!

This should do it. Just make sure you do take good care of your tamed beast. Set up goals [more on that next week!] and read those books so your beast always grow new heads.

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