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In the spotlight [20]: Blogger Interview – Lexxie @ (Un)conventional Books Views

Lexxie is one of my favorite people in the Blogosphere! ๐Ÿ™‚

Why??? Well… let’s start by saying SHE IS A TEACHER! there is nothing awesomer than a teacher (well maybe a book blogger but again she is that too!). Then on top of thatย Lexxie isย a MA student, a mom of FOUR [four!], a wife and still has time to read gazillions books and write great reviews. Oh… now that I mention her reviews…

[WARNING] Lexxie is also a terrible influence! If you are like me, [utterly committed to maintain your DNFer reputation] DO NOT READ LEXXIE’S REVIEWS! She’ll make you go back to that book youย promised you would not finish and read it again… AND LIKE IT! ๐Ÿ™‚ย [e.g. Mercury Striking, By Rebecca Zanetti!]

Ok, now if you haven’t yet [like where have you been?], meet Lexxie

LexxieWelcome to (un)Conventional Bookviews! If you are here, it means you are wondering who this Lexxie person is, and you want to find out some more, right? Iย am a forty-something mom of four, an MA student in English language and literature, a substitute EFL teacher and a world traveler. Originally from Norway, I live in Switzerland with my husband and our children. I started (un)Conventional Bookviews on June 2nd 2012 to haveย another way to share my love of books with other booklovers. I review based on the emotions a book brought me โ€“ this might seem a little strange, but to me it is logical.

I am pretty much an omnivore when it comes to book, although I prefer to read fiction. I am not too particular about the genres, especially since I started blogging. I love reading a story where the world-building is making me feel like I am visiting a far-away place, and this can happen both in contemporary novels, fantasy, paranormal stories, dystopia and others. Itโ€™s also quite important to me that there is character development โ€“ if the characters donโ€™t learn anything at all from their mistakes, I probably wonโ€™t really enjoy reading about them.

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Lexxie, thank you for agreeing to an interview!

D: What made you start blogging?
L: Goodreads just wasn’t enough for my creativity! I wanted a little corner of the internet that was just mine, with some purple, some fun, and where I could chat mostly about books with other book-lovers. It really opened up a whole new world to me!

D: How do you balance being a teacher, a MA student, a mom of FOUR [four!], a wife and still have time to be such an avid reader and active blogger [and your reviews are great!]
L: I think it’s all about balance and organization. I really enjoy my studies โ€“ even if I’m very happy to see the end of my MA degree at the end of the tunnel now, and I also really love teaching. My kids are all quite active, and they’re not so little anymore, they are aged between 10 and 20, so they don’t need me all the time like they did when they were younger. I also have a very active husband, he does a lot of sports, and so when he watches sport on TV, or is out somewhere cycling, speed-skating or playing hockey, I can read โ˜บ Also, I’m a very fast reader, my kindle is a life-saver for highlights of great quotes. And thank you so much โ˜บ I’m happy you enjoy my reviews, Daniela!

D: You blog design has many fans and the girl in the header looks just like you ๐Ÿ™‚ Want to tell us how that design came to be? who is behind that great header and the rest of the design?
L: I love my design, too, and the girl in the header as well as all my buttons and headings were made by the amazing Silvia @ A Thing For Life (http://athingforlife.blogspot.ch/). She’s the creative one, and we e-mailed back and forth with what I wanted, and how she could make it happen for me. I really love what she’s done for me, and if I want something else, I know she’ll do the work in a timely manner, and at a fair price. Sadly, I’m not good with design, but I know the right people to help me โ˜บ

D: You have been blogging for almost four years now. Would you share your best and worse experiences as a book blogger?
L: I think I have been very, very lucky, because I can’t really think of any bad experiences I’ve had as a blogger. I guess I’m pretty much a small fish in the sea of amazing blogs, and I try to always be respectful, even if I review books I didn’t love. My best experiences have been meeting so many wonderful bloggers. Other people who are as crazy about books as I am, and who are ready to chat about characters and storylines any time I ask them. It’s also been really great to be able to meet some authors in real life, first through Twitter and Facebook, then when I went to the RT book convention last year in Dallas. That was so much fun. I got to hang out with some of my favorite blogger peeps, and also meet, greet, have dinner with, or a drink at the bar with, some authors I am in absolute awe of.

D: What advice would you give to new bloggers like me?
L: I think the only advice I can give is to just chat with other people, and do what you want with your blog. Have fun with it, enjoy your hobby, and the rest is all about finding bloggers you enjoy and try to get to know them better.

D: What are the three words that define you as a book blogger?
Genre omnivore! That’s only two words, but I think that covers it, I will read anything fiction, and I find I enjoy most genres as long as there is a compelling storyline with characters that grow or change in some way, and that can make me feel attached to what is happening to them.

D: I know you are big on character arcs, you want to see them learning and evolving. What are your three top characters?
L: Oh my goodness, that’s a really hard question! I fell very hard for Rachel Morgan, and she definitely changed and evolved during The Hollows series. She was always strong, but she knew when to lean on her friends (at least most of the time). I enjoyed that she wasn’t afraid to change her mind about certain things, and that she was someone who wasn’t against trying something new.
Elena from the Guild Hunter series is another character I love to pieces. She started out not liking angels, vampires or others who weren’t exactly human, then when she got to know some of them personally, she re-evaluated and was able to see that just like with humans, there were good and bad in every species. And that really spoke to me. I think it’s important to be able to see past what seems ‘other’ and let go of our fears and actually get to know people. Not judging anyone but let them live their own lives in peace.

Since I only have three, the third is Claire Beauchamp Frasier from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. She’s a strong woman, secure in her self-worth, and always willing to learn more. She goes with it when she’s transported to the past, and she is able to adjust, still using her healing skills, and her knowledge from the future in order to make her new present as safe as possible. I love that we get to follow Claire over a long time-period, because she not only grows as a character, she matures, grows older, and becomes an even better version of herself with each book. The love she has for her family is another thing I admire about her.

D: Spain! You know I have to ask you about Spain! What are the 6 top things about Spain that make you love it so much ๐Ÿ™‚
L: โ˜บ As you know, I live in Geneva, Switzerland, which is beautiful, with the Alps on one side, the Jura mountains on the other, and a lake in the middle. One of the things I love about Spain is the sea. I love being by the sea, the smell of sea air, the noise of the waves, the breezeโ€ฆ And that brings me to a second thing I love about Spain, it’s the delicious sea-food. I love fish, crabs, lobster, shrimpโ€ฆ if at one point it was living in the sea, I will probably enjoy eating it. The people are so friendly, too, and I love the language. Our apartment is in the North of Spain, in the Catalan part of the country, and they speak both the Spanish that is also spoken in South America, and their own Catalan dialect. I speak a little Spanish, but I want to learn Catalan. That will probably have to wait for a few years. Another thing I love about Spain is that I go there when I have time off from work and classes, so it’s always nice and relaxing. And, last, but not least, I love that there is so much to see and do! Museum visits, shopping, scuba-diving, walking on small mountain trails, or taking a trip to a big city.

D: And finally, who should I interview next and what should I ask this blogger?
L: I would love to read an interview with Michelle @ Because Reading is Better than Real Life. I want to know how she can be so creative all the time, she comes up with the best features!

Have any questions for Lexxie? Leave a comment Lexxie and I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the interview and some major love for Lexxie, Daniela! I adore her and her blog – yes, she is a *bad* influence…always making my one-click finger work overtime. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I always find inspiration in how well she balances all she does!

  2. Yes! It is funny because I’m always hummm… Lexxie liked it! it must be good ๐Ÿ™‚
    Daniela Arkl recently posted…Book Review: Sanctum (Guards of the Shadowlands #1), by Sarah FineMy Profile

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me today, Daniela! You have some really good questions, and I had to think a bit so I could answer all of them ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I’m still laughing at being a ‘bad’ influence! You can never have too many books ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Review: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet – Darynda JonesMy Profile

  4. I was a pleasure to feature you, Miss Bad Influence! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Daniela Ark recently posted…What a Week [37]: Writing Tip – Characters RelationshipsMy Profile

  5. Lexxie is totally a Bad Influence! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do adore her and can’t wait to meet her in person in may. She is one of my favorite bloggers!
    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted…Bloggiesta Goal Post!My Profile

  6. You are meeting Lexxie in person??? Do tell please! and I hope you are up for an interview ๐Ÿ™‚
    Daniela Ark recently posted…What a Week [37]: Writing Tip – Characters RelationshipsMy Profile

  7. Lexxie is not a blogger I’m very familiar with, but I will have to go visit her blog ๐Ÿ™‚ And getting that much stuff done is impressive! I don’t think any amount of balance and organization would make it possible for me to accomplish that much. I think it must be magic or superpowers ๐Ÿ˜›
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: Soulless (Once Wicked Book 1) by Sarah J. PepperMy Profile

  8. Haha! It must be! ๐Ÿ™‚ you got a computer! Welcome back Kristen ๐Ÿ™‚
    Daniela Ark recently posted…What a Week [37]: Writing Tip – Characters RelationshipsMy Profile

  9. Yes I know Lexxie, she’s awesome! I think she’s one of the first bloggers I became friends with. I still remember years ago when she made a European bloggers link-up feature and I think ever since I’ve been visiting her blog more and more. And yes I think it’s amazing how she is a student, teacher and mom and can still find time to read.

    Just like Lexie I started reviewing on Goodreads and wanted more and gradually branched out to my own blog. And I really like her current design, it’s great with the girl who looks just like her. I am also a big genre omnivore, there are few genres I won’t try. And I would love to see an interview with Michelle. Great interview Daniela and Lexie!
    Lola recently posted…Review: Murder on a Silver Platter by Shawn Reilly SimmonsMy Profile

  10. Oh, thanks for sharing this – lovely to read more about Lexxie (as I’m already a fan!) and I love meeting book bloggers from other countries.

    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-inMy Profile

  11. I love Lexxie. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Dallas at RT last year, though I’ve been reading her blog way before that. I really enjoyed it. She is always adding to my TBR list. Great interview.
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Endless Knight Audiobook by Kresley Cole (REVIEWED by Melanie)My Profile

  12. Hmm, I guess I kind of like Lexxie too. Kidding,, I like her a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m totally in awe of how much you can juggle, Lexxie. You are Super Woman!
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…The Visitor by Amanda StevensMy Profile

  13. Awww I love Lexxie! Thanks for sharing this interview with her Daniela! I love getting to know fellow bloggers more, especially one that I’ve followed pretty much since I got into blogging ๐Ÿ˜€ Lexxie definitely has a strong influence on my tbr pile too LOL! Oh and thanks for stopping by my discussion post earlier Daniela^^ x
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Let’s Discuss…(7)My Profile

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