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In the Spotlight [22]: Blogger Interview – Barbara @ Booker T’s farm

Today I want you to meet Barbara from Booker T’s farm, which is a blog about “Books and Nails and Puppy Dog Tales” 🙂 “A blog about all the loves of my life” Barbara says and I can understand! She is talking about boxers and books! I adore Boxers and books too. Boxers are simply the best dogs ever!

horrorreadingchallengeBarbara and I are “Horror buddies” 🙂 we met at the Horror Reading Challenge and hit it off immediately because we kind of like masochistic reading and be terrified 🙂 we both Gave The Demonists 5 stars  [Here is Barb’s review don’t miss it!] and I don’t think I ever read a Barb’s review that I haven’t added to Goodreads.

And now meet Barb..

Barb Thanks for the interview! 🙂

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Interests: my dogs, football – especially college, crafts and of course, reading.

My dogs, football – especially college, crafts and of course, reading.  Favorite Books: Lots of different things. Usually paranormal or horror related. If it sounds good though, I will usually give it a try


D: First you gotta tell me about the boxer! Simply Adorable!

B: Although my blog is called Booker T’s Farm, after my 5-year-old boy Booker T, I actually own two – him and Cassius, who is 2. I have owned a total of 5 boxers, and they have all been basically my 4-legged children. Booker T is more laid back now that he is older, but loves walking and eating. Cassius is more hyper and is quick as lightning. Both have German blood in them so they are larger and weigh a tad over 100 pounds. They are spoiled rotten and have their own toy box which is overflowing. Amazingly enough, Booker T is actually a “daddy’s boy” even though he helps me with my blog the most. Cassius is “mommy’s boy.” When he was a baby, Daddy would make up stories as Booker T as the main character, which helped set the tone for my blog when I started. Even though it wasn’t planned, I love that Booker’s name has a “book” in it!

D: Why did you start blogging?

B: My husband and I used to make up stories for our boxer pups and one day, I started documenting them on a blog.  Since I love books, I eventually combined the two.  Booker T’s Farm was the land where all the stories took place and is actually a Walking Dead reference (well, in a twisted way – Hershel’s farm was the safe haven for a long time).

D: How would you define your blog and yourself as a blogger?

B: I am a pretty laid back blogger and read a variety of different genres so you never know what you might see featured.  Also, every once in a while you will see the pups make an appearance.  Booker T likes to add his comments about animals featured in books so that usually happens once or twice a month as well.

D: Would you share your best and worse experiences as a book blogger? If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently and why?

B: I don’t have a best or worse, but I really enjoy hearing from other bloggers and have made some great cyber friends.  I really like it when authors stop by to see what I have read and like most bloggers, I think comments are great.

D: If you could only read one genre what would it be and why?

B: That’s a totally unfair question!  I guess it would be horror because I can’t imagine not being able to read new Stephen King books when they come out.

[by the way I TOTALLY knew Barb would pick Horror 🙂 ]



D: Who is your favorite book character and why?

B: I guess I have to go with an old childhood friend an say Winnie the Pooh.  Growing up as an only child, books often kept me entertained and I recall my Grandmother making me a stuffed Pooh bear which is still one of my most treasured possessions.  Pooh is so simple but always had time for his honey and his friends.  I also always liked animals better than people.

D: What are your favorite challenges or memes and why?

B: I participate in Waiting on Wednesdays and most of the Top Ten Tuesdays.  I enjoy hopping around the blogs and getting new book ideas.

D: What makes a five-star book for you?

B: It has to be well written and touch me on some level.  I like books which have well-developed characters, the quirkier the better.  It also doesn’t hurt if there is a dog in the book.

D: What usually makes a DNF for you?

B: I actually have a hard time DNF’ing books.  I can only think of 2-3 I have never not finished – even if I didn’t like them.

[And of course I’m jealous of Barbara because I have a hard time finishing books 🙂
look at her fantastic TBR pile! Nightmarish awesome 🙂 ]


D: If you could ask any author to write a book for you, who would that author be? Title and twitter size blurb?

B: Probably Jackie Bouchard – “A Tale of Tails”  – a girl and her mystery-solving pooch go on Scooby-Doo type adventures.  (Told you I like quirky).

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 Wanna know anything else about Barbara? Leave a comment! Barb and I would love to hear from you!

Want good terrifying reviews? Check out Barbara’s Blog!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely write-up! I am truly glad we connected and your blog is always such fun to read!
    Barb(boxermommyreads) recently posted…We3 Review – Still Not Sure How I FeelMy Profile

  2. Thanks Barb! Same here. It was a pleasure to get to know you better 🙂
    Daniela Ark recently posted…In the Spotlight [22]: Blogger Interview – Barbara @ Booker T’s farmMy Profile

  3. Great interview! I also have trouble DNF-ing books and usually try to still push through them. Going to check out your blog, Barb, right now!
    Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger recently posted…ARC Review + Giveaway: No Love AllowedMy Profile

  4. Aww, Barb’s dogs sound so cute! And what an interesting reason for starting a blog 😀

    I also don’t really DNF books, even if I hate them. I guess part of me thinks they might have some redeeming quality that I don’t want to miss, and the other part of me feels like, if I stop, I’ll have wasted all the time I already put into the book lol.

    Great interview!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: Eerie by C.M. McCoyMy Profile

  5. Fantastic interview. I love her eclectic taste in reading. Yes to all things Horror 🙂

  6. I don’t think I’ve met this blogger before! Maybe because I am usually not a fan of horror or thrillers as I don’t want to be too scared while reading. I do like suspense or mysteries though. Although strangely enough my favourite book of the year so far was a thriller book, but it’s by one of my favourite authors so that probably explains it.

    And that’s such a fun tidbit that her blog is named after her boxer. And that he comments on the blog and makes an appearance now and then as well. I love animals! Although we’ve been petless ever since we lost our last pet rat last year.

    I am also a genre omnivore and read a lot of different genres, except for horror ;). I do DNF books, but not a lot luckily. Sometimes when you’re not enjoying a book putting it aside is the best decision.

    Great interview! I like how you create different questions for each person and these interviews always give me a better feel of the person behind the blog!

    And I am looking forward to the next interview with Michelle! She has a great blog!
    Lola recently posted…Review: His Secretary’s Surprise Fiancé by Joanne RockMy Profile

  7. Wonderful interview, you two! I love getting to know bloggers better via this format. And I’m happy to count Barb among my blogger buddies. 🙂 Oh, and Booker T, too!
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Bought, Borrowed, & Bagged #87 ~ Small HaulMy Profile

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