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In the Spotlight [24]: Author Interview – Thomas E. Sniegoski

Hello kids!!! We have a party here today!!!


Because my super favorite author, Tom, is here!!!

You know how crazy  I am about the forsaken gang right? The angels, archangels, fallen angels, demons, Lucifer, etc… well Tom is the ULTIMATE Dark Urban Fantasy writer that introduced me to all that and made me fall in love with it with his series The Fallen!

The Fallen (Books 1-4)

His last book The Demonists was awesome too and when I twitted my first update Tom replied!!!  And I shrieked, did the Snoopy happy dance, and even pulled my precious hair! “Yaaaaaaay! Tom is talking to meeeee! TO MEEEEE”. That was cool! So this was me and me…

D1: You dreamt it.

D2: Nope. Tom DID replied to my tweet. Look at our twitter account!

D1: Tweet him again! Let’s see if it is true!

D2: Ooook [rolling my eyes]. I just did. See? that’s him! Tom! he replied AGAIN!!!

D1: He diiiiiid!!!! [high pitch]  ASK HIM!! ASK HIM!!

D2: What???? Ask him WHAT????

D1: For an interview you silly!! What else???

D2: oh no no no. Tom is too busy. He can’t


D2: ok ok. Man, you got some temper!

[a few days later]


D1: What did he say?


D1: Told you! 🙂

So here it is! Thomas E. Sniegoski!!!

Tom, thanks for replying to my tweets and for agreeing to the interview! 🙂

Thomas E. SniegoskiD: So it seems you social media and interacting with your fans! Which one is your favorite?

T: Yeah, Social Media is a blast . . . let’s me take a peek outside my cave from time to time. I like Facebook, and Twitter. It’s kinda nice to hear that you did a good job, or that you didn’t! HA! But yeah, I really do love interacting with my fans.

D: They said I should ask you this: What does being “an all-around swell guy”  mean? 🙂

T: Who told you that? HAHAHAHA! I don’t know, maybe because I’m pretty open to interacting with fans? I’ll respond to anybody who writes me, and I love talking with fans at conventions and stuff. Or, maybe this question is just a way of deflecting from some really bad publicity . . . that I am in fact a real jerk. You decide! HA!

[For the record Daniela thinks that bad publicity is all jealousy. If something Tom is the anti-jerk 🙂 ]

D: You mentioned your wife quite often [aww] can you describe your lovely wife in ten words?

T: Kind. Loving. Patient. Tolerant. Brave. Smart. Focused. Gentle. Determined. Compassionate.

D: I’m a feminist so I trust female opinion a lot! So can you ask your wife why I should read A Kiss Before the Apocalypse? She said is the best book you have ever written! 🙂

T: She said that Kiss was my Big Boy book . . . it was the first time that I truly got in touch with some serious emotional subjects like loss, and what it truly means to be human.  I agree with my wife. It was tough book to write . . . it made me face things that I really didn’t want to look at right then, but it was time. Most of the things that I had done up to that point were just fun, or exciting . . . I barely touched on anything emotional. Kiss forced me to open that door and it hurt like heck, but I’m glad I did it.

D: What are you reading right now? Can you give me a mini review?

TOM – Just started Richard Kadrey’s THE EVERYTHING BOX. Haven’t read all that much, but it really reminds me of The Hitchhikers Guide stuff, or even Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchatt’s Good Omens. Very amusing. I think I’m really gonna like it.

D: So, you are a movie watcher, like me! What is THE BEST movie you ever watched and why?

T:  Impossible for me to do just one movie so I’ll give you a few, and why they’re the best . . . JAWS – One of the most exciting, and well written films ever. The scene with Quint telling the story of the Indianapolis is one of the most chilling moments in film ever. KING KONG (Both the original, and Peter Jackson’s Remake) – Total escape for me . . . the movie is everything that I love personified.

STAR WARS – Made me what I am today. Made me think about doing what I love for a living . . . not sure if my brain would have gone in that direction without this movie.

D: I know you like Stephen, me too [I like your writing better by the way]. If you could ask another author [not Stephen] to write a book for you, who would that author be and what would be the premise, title and tagline. [hummm feminist remember? so no pressure but I’m hoping you’d pick a  female author] 🙂

T: Sorry, would probably be Ray Bradbury, and I’d tell him to write whatever he wanted! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE his stuff, I can get lost in it.

[I forgave Tom for not choosing a female author because, well, Ray Bradbury is amazing 🙂 ]

D: Do you know I’m crazy about Angles now??? and all because of the > Fallen! 🙂 I’m curious.. what are your favorite fantasy creatures and why?

T: What’s interesting is that many people wouldn’t look at Angels as fantasy creatures, but as real beings that are all around us. I love the traditional monster myths . . . Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies. I spend quite a bit of time trying to come up with new, and exciting way of reinterpreting them, so it doesn’t feel like the same old thing.

D: What would you rather be? a Superhero dad or the son of a superhero’s dad and why?

T: A superhero Dad might be cool . . . then I could teach my son, or daughter, or both about what it truly means to be a hero . . . that you don’t necessarily need to have super powers to be someone special. That would be cool.

D: What do you enjoy writing more? Adult, YA or middle grade and why?

T: Ya know what, I approach them all the same. I don’t enjoy one over the other . . . they’re all the NEXT story!

D: This is something I was told I HAD to ask you ! on what exciting books  are you currently hard at work? Would you share an excerpt?

T: Currently I’m writing a sequel to SAVAGE, which comes out at the end of May. And then I have to write the second DEMONISTS book. I just finished working on a book with Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola called GRIM DEATH & BILL THE ELECTROCUTED CRIMINAL. That will be out in the Winter of 2017 I believe. That one was an absolute blast.

[OMG!!! that is so cool! anything done by Tom and Mike Mignola HAS to be good!]


D: Ok I realized there is people UPSET out there about this Tom! Is the last book of The Menagerie ever going to be written? When? No? Why???

T: Chris Golden and I talk about this ALL the time. I really do think it’s going to happen eventually, I just don’t know when. Chris and I both have to find time in our schedules to write it, and to find it a home. That one is tricky.

D: I smiled when I learned that your first published work was published out of Providence, Rhode Island (I work in Providence). Can you tell me  more about it? Why Providence (such a small town!)?

T: It was my very first thing published. It was a short story called THE WAY, and it was published in a small press magazine called HAUNTS. And why Providence? That’s where the publisher was located I believe . . . I think the whole Lovecraft thing was quite important to the publication.

D: It seems you like New England. Me too. I find it very inspiring. You know all that creepiness… the witches of Salem, vampires  of Exeter, Stephen King, Lovecraft… How (if) has New England  inspired your work?

T: There’s just something about New England. I’ve lived here my entire life and really can’t imagine living anywhere else . . . even though I talk about moving all the time! HA! I think it’s all about the changing seasons, the smell of the air, the changes in the environment . . . it’s strangely stimulating and weirdly inspirational I think.

D: I think I know how my writer’s heaven looks like: Sitting in my own bohemian café, surrounded by Salvador Dali art, sipping coffee, listening to Dave Mathews Band and eating gluten free pastries and organic salads all day. How does your writer’s heaven looks like Tom?

T: It’s an old, Comic Book/Book/Toy/Dvd/Bluray/CD store with a full bar and lots of coffee and tea. There are nice, comfy chairs and coaches scattered around . . . and all my writer friends are there, as well as just my friends, and we just sit around talking about all the crazy stuff that we love . . . that inspires us to create.   Oh yeah, and there would be lots of dogs there too. That truly would be Heaven.

D:  What do you think is the most difficult part of an author’s work? The writing? Editing? Marketing?

T:  I think the toughest thing about the whole writing as your living thing is so much is out of your control. You bust your ass for four months or more writing a book, turn your baby over to the publisher and after that—other then minimal promotion on our part—its out of your hands. That book could be lost in the shuffle and nobody would know a thing about it. And crappy sales means that it ends up being hard to get another gig somewhere. It’s tough.

D: Your first paid work was “Taboo“ and you thought “You know what? I think I can do this.” Did you ever have doubts after that? What advice do you give to aspiring authors like me to stay confident? Let’s say… how to  manage rejection? Like… seriously… WHY am I going to be rejected Tom???  After ALL this hard work??? How do I put the pieces of my fragile ego together again?

TOM – No matter how many things I get published there’s always a point in the current work where I’m saying, “Well, this is absolute shit and it will probably be the last thing anybody pays me to write!” HAHAHAHAHAHA! The confidence waxes and wanes through the whole writing process . . . I usually hate when I’m turning it in. From what I understand this is pretty normal with us writer types. HAHAHAHA! The only words of advice that I have is that if you love doing it, keep doing it . . . write your little heart out. The more you write the better you’ll get. And read . . . read like crazy … read EVERYTHING you can. Look at other styles and see what works for you, and what doesn’t . . . develop YOUR style from that. That’s what will set you apart from everybody else . . . you’re you … not them. And as far as rejection goes, you never get used to it . . . bad reviews will always sting . . . you just got to learn to not take them to heart, and roll with the punches. Not everybody is going t like what you do . . . you have to just condition yourself to understand that. But it never seems to get easier . . . I think you just develop more of an understanding about it.

Thanks Tom! YAAAAAY I loved this interview! [sorry that was the last shriek I promise!] 🙂

What about you kids? Do you have any questions for Tom?
Leave a comment! Tom and I would love to hear from you!


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  1. After reading “The Demonists” earlier this year and loving it, which you know because we both fangirled over it together, I am on a crusade to acquire and eventually read all of Tom’s works. Thanks for sharing some of them during this interview. I believe I will be visiting the 1-click Gods this weekend and adding “Savage” to my Kindle because I have been patiently waiting for it. Great interview Daniela and Tom!!!!! Plus, love the dog in the picture but was there ever any doubt!
    Barb(boxermommyreads) recently posted…Author Interview – Diane Moat (Dog Gone)My Profile

  2. Maggie Bates Rocco

    Great interview Tom! Love your work my friend! <3 Thank you Daniela!

  3. New England does lend to creepiness and yep social media lets me engage without having to get too people-ly
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Audible Giveaway of The Voodoo Killings by Kristi CharishMy Profile

  4. I’m so happy you interviewed Tom, Daniela. He’s an author I’ve wanted to check out – since I shelve his books at work AND you adore his work. 😉 And NOW I have more of a reason to because he seems like such a nice guy!
    Tom, thanks for sharing about yourself. I like that your wife seems to be a big fan of yours. 😉 And that you’d want to be a super hero dad because you’d want to teach your kids they can be superheroes without super powers. *sigh* I really appreciate your last answer…it’s nice to know that even successful, published authors experience self doubt. I also appreciate the advice to keep writing. 🙂
    Great interview!!
    Bookworm Brandee recently posted…Brandee’s Bookish Babble #18 ~ Books & Best Friends Part 2My Profile

  5. Ah, so he’s the one responsible for your angel/demon love! This was a great interview, and how awesome that you both love New England 🙂 I need to find some authors who like the same places as me so I can read about them more lol.

    And what he said about the hardest part, that has always seemed like such a crazy thing to me, that as an author you can put in all the effort and work and time, and yeah you have to do the marketing, but even so, whether people ultimately read it or not is out of your hands. Great advice though for future writers 🙂
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  6. I have read The Fallen series, but I’m a bit confused, as it looks like there are more books in that series now than before? It was one of my first angel books, too, and I fell in love with those poor nephilim.
    Great interview! 🙂
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