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In the Spotlight [3]: Blogger Interview: Trish @ Between my Lines

Continuing with “Bloggers in the Spotlight” series I’m very pleased to interview Trish @ Between My Lines!

Trish is one of my favorite book bloggers. We love the same kind of books and heroines 🙂 . Please meet Trish…

Trish thank you for answering my questions! 🙂

D: I looooove your blog header! It is my dream header. Love everything about
it! the girl reading and drinking coffee, the mixed media, the colors, the
fonts, all of it!

header between-my-lines

but… I heard we may see some changes in your blog… can you give us a hint of what is coming up?

T: It’s top secret  *sshhhh!!*  No, not really 🙂  I’m currently in talks with a designer about my ideas for a new blog design for Between My Lines.  I have a secret Pinterest board with some of favourite colours and things I like so I’m hoping my new design is going to be fantastic!  The details are still being ironed out at the moment but I’m hoping my design is going to reflect my ideas and values and feel very personal to me.

D: You have a busy life, a husband, a full-time job plus lots of reading and blogging… how do you balance it all?

T: With great difficulty!  I often feel like I’m playing catch up on everything blogging related.  During the week, I do very little blogging.  I just grab a little time here and there to reply to comments and visit blogs. And then at the weekends, I get up early to ‘work’ on my blog and schedule the hell out of everything!  I do manage to write my reviews as I go so that helps (often during my lunch breaks at work or in the morning before I start work).  It’s a monster of a hobby that consumes all available time but I don’t care because I love it and find it fulfills a creative need within me that other parts of my life don’t.

D: What advice would you give new bloggers about balancing their lives and blogging?
T: Don’t overcommit.  I made that mistake in the beginning.  Every time someone contacted me to review a book, I squeed and said yes to everything. These days I’m more likely to say no to everything unless I really, really love the sound of it.  If you suddenly have a stack of books that you HAVE to read, then that is pressure and is no fun.  And take breaks from blogging whenever you get a sniff of a burnout approaching.  A little break does the world of good and you come back refreshed and motivated again.  Well I do anyway. I can tell you really enjoy book blogging…

D: Is there anything you would like to see changing about book blogging? anything that makes you go urghgrh?

T: Very true, I love blogging and the blogging community.  What I hate is the drama that can often crop up (mostly on twitter) and I’ve learnt to take a step back when I see it happening. It can get nasty and all I want to do is talk about books not bitch and moan.  So I bury my head in a book when it happens but it would be so much better if it didn’t occur at all.  I also have heard of people charging for positive reviews and that makes me want to cry.  It so defeats the whole purpose of a review.

D: I loved reading this in your about page “I love dystopia and urban fantasy books where the kick ass heroine saves the world”. I’m all about Girl Power! What do you think of the recent female MCs especially in YA books? do you find them empowering for young female readers?

T: Girl Power for the win!  I actually do find book characters like Tris (from Divergent) and Katniss (from The Hunger Games) and Hermoine (from Harry Potter) to be great role models.  They are smart, brave and fierce!  I like books that value intelligence in women and that encourage thinking outside the box and not following along like sheep with whatever the powers-that-be are dictating. On the other hand, characters like Bella (Twilight) make me want to scream.  I loved the book at the time but now I see so much wrong with it.  Mainly how Bella couldn’t function without Edward and how accepting she was of his stalkish, possessive tendencies.  That is not a good message.

D: I would also like an apartment in New York and a villa in Sorrento, Italy! :)Would you still blog if you won the lottery and moved to these places? if  so, how do you think that would change the way you blog?

T: I can just see myself sitting out on my balcony in Sorrento, sipping my limoncello and blogging my little book heart out!  snaps out of daydream Without a shadow of a doubt, I’d be blogging.  And best of all I’d have time to devote to it as I’d be quitting the day job pronto!  I think that is all that would change.  I’d still review ARCs as I love getting early copies of books that I really want to read and I like feeling a part of the publishing industry.  One thing I would do though is more giveaways for the books I want everyone to read, seeing as money would no longer be an issue!  Yes I’m an unapologetic book pusher!

D: I find everything Irish fascinating. What do you think Irish bloggers have that is unique to them?

T: The Irish book blogging community is small but growing steadily.  I think we tend to be a pretty forthright bunch and call it as we see it!  We also are very supportive of each other and I have never come across any of the drama that annoys me so much in other circles. I think I can say that for most bloggers I follow though and not just the Irish ones as that is something I value and I tend to unfollow the drama-lamas very quickly.

D: Looking back now that you are an experienced blogger what would you have done differently?

T: I was always watching my stats and wanting to get bigger and better and I wanted it to happen ASAP.  I know now that it takes time and to appreciate small steady growth. It does happen, you just need to have patience.  And watching stats obsessively is not good as people come and go for various reasons. In the past, I would get worried if I lost a follower and wonder if I had done something to drive them away. Now I know it’s not a big deal and I don’t care about stats so much.  And just like taking your eye of a boiling pot, next think you know those stats are boiling up anyway!

D: who should I interview next? What should I ask this blogger?

T: I’d suggest Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library and you could ask her what was her favourite post to write and why. Thanks for interviewing me, you made me think and appreciate all over again just how much I value blogging and how it has enhanced my life 😉  Most of the time!

Got comments for Trish?

Is there anything else you would like to know about Trish and her blog?

Let us know! Leave a comment! Trish and I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Great interview, glad to learn more about you Trish (and I love Ireland, been there once and dream of going back) ! I do agree with you, Girl Power is good and down with drama-llama 😉
    Red Iza recently posted…The Sunday post #45 : Blog break, time out, hiatus, whatever, is beginning now !My Profile

  2. This is a really nice interview, I like Between My Lines header also. It is nice to hear other bloggers thought on blogging.
    Cindy recently posted…Author Interview Jill KnappMy Profile

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