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Review Policy and Rating System

Review Policy

Readers and writers are my favorite crowd, I love to encourage and support them!

In order to do so, I keep my reviews honest, fair and constructive.

You have a speculative fiction book you would like me to review? Thank you for considering me to review it!

Unfortunately due to the amount of review requests I have received

I’m currently not accepting review requests

I hope this is temporary and I can start accepting them again soon.

I wish I could read all the books ever written but…

So many books, so little time!


Therefore, I try to choose books carefully of the genres I enjoy most.

At this moment I’m reading Speculative Fiction:

Dystopian/Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Science-fiction and Paranormal.


I love to find, read, review and recommend page-turners!

A page-turner is a book that gives you a powerful emotional experience, the kind of book that:

You cannot put down and keeps you up all night.

If you have to put it down, you cannot wait to get back to it.

When you finish it, you feel a sense of loss.

You want other people to read it.

You don’t mind reading it again.

Every time you read it feels like the first time.

Since I don’t believe in reviewing a book unless I finish it,

ALL the books for which I wrote a review were page-turners for me.

They kept me turning pages until “The End”. 🙂

When I put a book aside it doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t like it.

Maybe something else got my attention, which happens very often 🙂

My Rating System

I “check” each element that I made the book at page-turner for,

in the following order of priority:




✓Characterization and


[if you are not sure about what these terms mean check my Glossary of Terms

First, it has to be a well-written book.

Sometimes the writing is so good and engaging

that I read a book even if I am not interested in the theme or premise.

Second, the premise or theme.

I may read a book because of its premise,

even if the plot or characters are not fully developed.

Last, if you have a well written book

with a good premise and well-developed plots,

characters and worlds, then you have a page-turner!


WOW Factor: When writing the review for An Ember in the Ashes I realized I needed to add a WOW Factor to my reviews. What is it that made a book wow or shock me:

Was it nail-biting suspenseful?, or breath-holding creepy? or did the graphic violence made me gasp?

or maybe Was it tissue-in-the-hand sad or inspirational? or was it the romance ohhh-very-steamy?

All my reviews are for books above 3 stars rating. The number of check marks and how good each element is determines the rating:

3.0-3.4 stars, good: The writing is good, maybe the other elements could use some improvement.

3.5-3.9 starts, very good:  A very good page-turner! I recommend this book. More than just good writing.

4.0-4.4 stars, great: This is a great book and I will recommended to everyone.

4.5-4.9 stars, Excellent: Wow! This is an excellent book! It will be in my bookshelf forever. I will read it again and again.

5.0 stars, Literary masterpiece: This book may survive the passage of time and shape world literature.

Questions? Suggestions?

email me at contactme@danielaark.com or leave a comment! I would love to hear from you 🙂


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  1. Gosh I wish you were accepting new books now! =)

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