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In the Spotlight [25]: Blogger Interview – Lola @ Lola’s Reviews

Hello my dear kid blogger friends!!! I have A REAL TREAT TODAY for you! A book blogger that is living the dream we all want to live: making a living with reading, blogging and cooking away yummy recipes! And she is so organized she makes it look effortlessly! Let’s learn how she does it all! 🙂 Meet my dear friend and #gamergirl Lola @ Lola’s Reviews! Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am Lola, I am 25 years … Keep reading

In the Spotlight [23]: Blogger Interview – Michelle @ Because Reading is Better than Real Life

Hello kids! Today I’m very happy to feature Michelle from Because Reading is Better than Real Life. You all probably know I have a HUGE weakness for Blog designs. Not only blog designs but anything that is visually pleasing. Art, drawings, landscaping, home dĂ©cor, websites, book covers. You name it. So, I’m JUST SO IN LOVE with Michelle’s designs! Her blog, her button, her header, her Limabean Designs. Just take a look at the images below and tell me if … Keep reading

What a Week [39]: Blogging Tip – What is your Blogger Age? Part I – Identity Crisis

Welcome to my weekly recap where I share what happened last week in my Reading Bookshelf, Writer Desk and Blogging Corner. My featured section for this week is my… Blogging Corner First Blogiversary Edition In my What a Week [38]: Blogging Tip: Does your blog design work for you? we shared our thoughts about blog design [thank you all for all your comments, you are all fabulous! 🙂 ]. and I realized I haven’t changed my blog design for months! So… I … Keep reading

What a Week [30] – Blogging tip: 5 lessons I learned when my WordPress theme crashed

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays 🙂 Last week I was on vacation and I took the time to revamp my blog, new year, new look! Now I have a soft watercolor background and I added new images and sliders to features pages: Eschaton [it is all over] Disturbia [enter at your own risk] Otherworld [dare to enter] and XXFactor [Girl Power] Also… the end of the year was an opportunity to reflect on how I could do things better … Keep reading

Blogging Tip: How to Write a Book Review Part V, What to read next?

On my post What a Week [13] – Confessions of a free eBook hoarder I mentioned I have more eBooks that I would ever be able to read. If you add all the review copies I have, to decide what to read next is almost impossible! But first… how did I pick the books I have? I picked my books because… Of the genre. I’m mostly reading fantasy, sci-fi and dystopian/apocalyptic. The premise (as described in the blurb/synopsis) seemed edgy, taboo, sinful, or provocative. Of whatever otherworldly … Keep reading

Blogging Tip: How to Write a Book Review Part IV, What is “Good Writing”?

I consider at least five elements when reviewing a book: writing, theme/premise, plot/story arc, characters, and world-building. However, the writing is by far the most important. I have finished books of premises or genres that are not my favorite just because the writing was so enthralling I couldn’t stop reading. But what is “good writing”? After reading many articles by readers, writers and bloggers the consensus seems to be that: “good writing” is “natural writing” “Natural writing” flows easily and … Keep reading

Blogging Tip: How to Write a Book Review Part III, Keeping it constructive

I think all book bloggers face this challenge often: that book that has great elements: writing, story arc, plot,  and characters. It keeps you turning the pages… you finish it… BUT. At the end you are like… hum…. Something didn’t quite clicked. It is my review policy   not to publish bad reviews. I only review books that I liked, with at least 3 stars rating . For me is that book that falls in the grey 3.0-3.5 stars area. You want to give it a … Keep reading

Blogging tip: [4] lessons learned about staying sane II – Blogging effectively

In Four lessons learned about book blogging, PART I: setting goals and limits, prioritizing and staying sane! I talked about how I wanted to limit my blogging time to five hours a week. In order to do that I needed to find  ways to blog more effectively. So far, blogging effectively for me has been about: 1. A reliable platform 2. The right tools 3. Staying organized 4. Multitasking 5. Awesome partners A reliable platform. This includes domain, hosting, and blog design. Domain and hosting. I’m very … Keep reading

Blogging tip: [4] lessons learned about staying sane I – Setting goals and limits

It has been twelve weeks since I started blogging. Only twelve weeks! But it feels like a lifetime! I loved it… for the most part. I say this because there were moments when I felt very stressed and thought I couldn’t keep up. But if this is just a hobby for me… why was I getting stressed? Well, firstly it can become much more than a hobby! Blogging can become addicting and demanding. I want to be a good blogger, with a good-looking blog and good … Keep reading

Blogging Tip : How to Write a Book Review Part II, Book Review Checklist

This is my first “Checklist Post” and I’m sure it’s not the last. I’m crazy about checklists, surely because I tend to forget things :). I hope you find it helpful. It includes tips from book bloggers Karen and Trish. Images Feature image/thumbnail [usually book cover] Author picture [optional] Other [optional]: promotional images, author picture, reading challenge, giveaway, etc. Book Information from Goodreads/Amazon Title Author Other [optional, I think I may  just post title and author, readers can find the rest of the information through the link]: … Keep reading

Blogging Tips: How to Write a Book Review – Part I

I just started my blog and I’m very excited about being a book blogger! Now I can tell more people about the great books I’ve read. But before I published my first review I wanted to share a few thoughts about writing book reviews. Writing book reviews is fun but it’s also serious business, especially if you are a book blogger. Many book bloggers have amazing influence with their audiences. A book review not only helps readers choose their next … Keep reading