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What a Week! [3]

What a week last week was! Coding, coding, coding It seems I can’t stop playing with my blog design. This week… ∼ I tried at least three different logos, headings and social media icons. Like U2… “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” ∼ Added a carousel to my home page to feature my books. It seems the books align better than with the Goodreads’ widget, so… me like!. I’m writing down everything I’m learning while beautifying my blog to share in my Blogging tips. 🙂 ∼ Created a … Keep reading

Welcome to my Blogging Corner

Hello! I bet you love blogging, like me! Then… Welcome to my Blogging Corner! ∼ I want to share with you everything I’m learning about blogging! In my Blogging Corner you will find events & features (memes, challenges, etc), giveaways, and review copies and blogging tips. ∼ Thank you for visiting and Happy blogging!   Twitter | Blogloving | Google + | Goodreads | Amazon | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram Like what you see? Don’t miss any of my posts! … Keep reading

Welcome to my Writing Desk

Hello! I bet you love writing, like me! Then… Welcome to my Writing Desk! Here you’ll find author interviews. I hope you learn as much from them as I do! I also share what I am learning about writing and the progress of my Project Don’t forget to Subscribe to my newsletters so you don’t miss any updates Thank you for visiting and happy writing! Keep reading

Review Policy and Rating System

Review Policy Readers and writers are my favorite crowd, I love to encourage and support them! In order to do so, I keep my reviews honest, fair and constructive. I wish I could read all the books ever written but… So many books, so little time! Therefore, I try to choose books carefully of the genres I enjoy most. At this moment I’m reading Speculative Fiction: Dystopian/Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Science-fiction and Paranormal. I love to find, read, review and recommend page-turners! … Keep reading

Welcome to my Reading Bookshelf

Hello! I bet you love reading, like me! Then… Welcome to my Reading Bookshelf! Books, books, books everywhere! Looking for what to read next? Check my featured book deals. ∼ Looking for recommendations? Check my book reviews, they are all page-turners that I recommend of all genres but mostly: Fantasy (Dark & Contemporary/Urban), Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Science-fiction [dare to visit Otherworld] Dystopia/Apocalyptic, [visit Eschaton before it is all over] Controversial premises [visit Disturbia at your own risk] Strong female characters … Keep reading

About me

Hello! I’m I read all the time, all kind of genres. I started when I was little, with fairytales, and never stopped. I thought it was romance what kept me up at night. It turned out it was also the deadly dragon, the evil stepmother, the scary ogre and the wicked witch! So… I thought my favorite genres were romance and horror, until fantasy and paranormal romance came along and took over my Reading Bookshelf with everything that makes a … Keep reading

Welcome to my Blog

Do you like reading, writing and blogging? Then, welcome to my Blog! Are you a reader? Then welcome to my Reading Bookshelf! here you will find book deals, recommendations, and book reviews for otherworldly, edgy page-turners:  Dystopian/Apocalyptic, Fantasy (Dark & Contemporary/Urban), Science-fiction and Paranormal. Are you a writer/author? Then welcome to my Writing Desk here you will find Writing Tips, Author Interviews, my Project’s Drawing Board and my Spark Catcher. Are you a fellow blogger? Great! Help yourself to the resources in my Blogging Corner. ∼ I … Keep reading