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What a week [44]: Conquer Camp NaNoWriMo: Back to outlining and characters’ motivation!

Welcome to my weekly recap where I share what happened last week in my Reading Bookshelf, Writing Desk and Blogging Corner. The featured section for this week is my… This is going to be a short update. Everyone at home was sick so I didn’t accomplish much last week. Since some of the wonderful writers that are participating in A BOOK’S GENESIS don’t have blogs  I’m very happy I did get to create A Book’s Genesis Goodreads group! 🙂 where we could all chat … Keep reading

Writing Tip: Conquer Camp NaNoWriMo one milestone at a time

One tip I’d like to share with you today is: If a task seems too daunting, I break it down in milestones and reward myself when I reach each milestone. 🙂 If I had to think about the 20,000 words I have to write for Camp NaNoWriMo I’d probably get discouraged. That’s why I came up with a Machiavellian Plan and I set more manageable daily and weekly milestones. And, I’m very happy to announced that I reached my Week One’s “5,000 words” milestone! So I got this beautiful mug from Evie’s … Keep reading

Writing Tip – A Book in the making… A Book’s Genesis!

Welcome to the VERY FIRST round of A Book’s Genesis! A monthly feature about WIPs [Work in Progress] hosted here at Daniela Ark’s Blog for Readers, Writers and Bloggers Let’s chat about the challenges of crafting amazing, unique and unforgettable stories, scenes, characters and worlds! About the challenges of turning them into words and those words into sentences, paragraphs, pages and chapters and those chapters into A BOOK. Let’s chat about the wonders of the creation of a Book. Let’s … Keep reading

Writing tips: Get it done! Camp NaNoWriMo Machiavellian Plan

  Camp NaNoWriMo is ON people! 20,000 WORDS! ONE MONTH! [Dark 0minous Music] This is my Machiavellian Plan to conquer Camp NaNoWriMo [end of Dark ominous Music] 1. Pinterest inspiration boards – done! Believe or not I have been preparing for this “Conquering Camp NaNoWriMo” moment for over a year now [without knowing it of course]. I started my Pinterest account before I started the blog. And I’m SO damn proud of it! A lot of hard work has gone into … Keep reading

What a Week [33]: Writing tip – Setting up goals

Since I took that second job back in August 2015 I’ve been struggling to get all my reading, writing and blogging done in less than three hours and cover it all in one post a week. Of course, it goes back to something I learned long time ago but not always practice: to accomplish anything in life you have to… Set goals Make a plan to reach those goals Stick to those goals and stay away from diversions Staying home … Keep reading

Writing tip: Save your Darlings (so you can kill them later)

You have probably heard writers and editors talk about “killing your darlings”, which I think is one of the most difficult steps in the revision process. It means you have to get rid of some elements of your work, [usually what you think are the best, more beautiful, the ones of which you are especially proud] to perfect your writing. In a future post I will be sharing my thoughts about “killing your darlings” but today I want to talk about … Keep reading

Writing tip: 6 places to find inspiration

So you decided you want to be a writer! 🙂 Now you spend countless hours happily writing, you subscribed to writers communities and sites, you stay focused, productive and motivated (well… most of the time at least 🙂 ) …but then… the day comes when… you are like… huh? Empty? No inspiration? It doesn’t seem like that writer’s block you heard about. Not yet. Because you know exactly what you want to write: that crucial scene where your stellar character is going to … Keep reading

Writing tip: 10 ways to stay motivated

A few weeks ago I shared ways, communities and websites to keep you writing and tips to stay focused and productive. Today I wanted to share ten tips to stay motivated for those times where nothing seem to help, when you are waaaay beyond a simple writer’s block, when you… well…  just don’t want to write! 1. Write about anything. Write about the first thing that comes to your mind. Did you sign up for a writing community? Go to the writing prompts section. Find a song you like, use … Keep reading

Writing Checklist: 6 ways to stay focused and productive

Previously I shared a checklist of things I would have to do if I wanted to be a writer/author. The most important item on the list was, of course, “write, write, write”. But writing is not always easy. So, I shared “20 easy ways to write more”, and 6 Writing Communities and 10 popular websites hoping they would be helpful in keeping you writing. Today I wanted to share another checklist to stay focused and productive. Find your best writing schedule(s) and rhythm(s). … Keep reading

Writing tips: 10 popular websites for writers

Today I wanted to share a checklist of my top ten websites for writers. I hope you check them out and also find them helpful Writers Digest  This site is practically my landing page. I could spend all day on this site! It has everything a writer could ever want or need. Articles, interviews, writers groups, competitions, an online book store, tutorial and webinars.  Some of my favorite features are: Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition Weekly Writing Prompts Guide to Literary … Keep reading

Writing checklist: 6 Writing Communities to check out

On my post Writing checklist: 20 easy ways to write more I listed “Become part of a writers group or community” as one of the ways to write more. Online communities are websites that connect writers with prospective readers and other writers. I tried an online community a few years ago but found it too  chaotic and overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to start! Recently I was thinking that   maybe it was that particular site that wasn’t easy to navigate so I decided to check out some writing … Keep reading

Writing tip: 20 easy ways to write more

If you are reading this post you probably like to read! That means it is likely you have covered the first item in the “Writing checklist: So you want to be a writer? An author?”:  “Read, read, read”. Hopefully you are reading many books of the genre you want to write and many books and articles about writing. So what is next in the list? Write, write, write! is next and here is a check list! Set up writing goals Set up a writing schedule to achieve your goals … Keep reading

Writing tip: So you want to be a writer? an author?

I’ve been trying to start my posts for writers for a while now but I needed it a map to guide me, a trunk from where more ideas would be branching out. So of course here comes the checklist! (I like checklists and I cannot lie) 🙂 There are many kinds of writers. A writer is anyone that writes something: bloggers, journalists, aspiring authors and authors. Since I’m a book blogger and an aspiring author I hope these blogging and writing posts, tips and checklists help other … Keep reading