Welcome to Nocturnal Devices

Noc·tur·nal. näkˈtərnl/ adjective. done, occurring, or active at night
De·vice. dəˈvīs/. noun. A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose. An expressed intent or desire. A plan or scheme with a particular aim. A literary composition.

a newly rebranded blog about reading, writing and other devices that manifest at night.

Because sleep is overrated.

Nighttime is the time to read books, devise them and talk about them.

Nocturnal Devices is about bookworms’ obsessions. If you are a bookworm, you very likely obsess over…

  1. Covers. The best form of art. You want to see ALL the beautiful covers. One big cover. A collage of covers. Covers. Give me all the covers. Please.
  2. What everyone else is reading. But me.Why do I live under a rock?
  3. What to add to your TBR pile. After all it only has 1,542 books.
  4. What to read next. I have 1,543 choices now!
  5. What is coming next? I need to know about new releases so I can read them as soon as I can! 
  6. Who is writing all these precious books? I want to meet all these authors. I wish all these authors were my BFFs. in the meantime, I’ll stalk them . 
  7. Who is talking about these books? Book bloggers are super cool people. I want to meet MORE book bloggers. More book bloggers = more book reviews = more books
  8. What are they saying about this book? I LOVE book reviews! More book reviews = more books
  9. Why doesn’t this book exist yet? I wish someone wrote this book. I wish I could write a book. Maybe I should write it! How do I write a book?

So, you will see book reviewsbook news, posts about writing, book blogging, and book bloggers [and who knows what other bookish crazes!]

You will see books of all kind of genres and topics, but mostly speculative fiction, edgy contemporary and Diversity and Equality [especially Neurodiversity and Feminism/Girl Power].

Please excuse the mess as I untangled this mesh of schemes and dreams, revamp the old content of this blog and export the bookish content from my family blog.

Thank you for visiting!

Daniela Ark

Bookworm, book blogger, writer, collector of stories that matter and passionate

about feminism, diversity, and equality. email: contactme@danielaark.com

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