What’s Scheming? 2018 anticipated releases and other newnesses

So, what’s new? A new Blog! That’s what’s new!

Welcome to my new [old] blog, Nocturnal Devices!

Thank you all that sneaked in and visited! You can learn more about Nocturnal Devices here.

There are a few new things happening, take a tour and visit these new features:

Nocturnal Library

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Now you can take advantage of YEARS of one-click lunacy in Amazon. Borrow books from my Nocturnal Library!


Bookworm Directory

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Find social networks, websites, blogs, bloggers, groups, reviews, challenges, discussions, and other resources in the Bookworm Directory.

Blogs, bloggers, challenges and memes featured this week:

More blogs, bloggers and features will be featured as they are added to the directory.


Book Blogger Directory

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This week featuring:


Some of the new releases and backlist books that you will find here in 2018…

New Releases


What about you? What’s scheming? Thank you for visiting!

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Bookworm, book blogger, writer, collector of stories that matter and passionate about feminism, diversity, and equality.

email: contactme@danielaark.com

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